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Serious Personal Injury

We believe that people, who, through the negligence of others, are hurt, deserve compensation for their pain, and to be assured that their medical needs will be paid for by the party responsible. From injuries involving 18-wheelers, with multiple-week hospital stays, to car crashes on local streets, to injuries at public events, and illness resulting unsafe work conditions, we negotiate, and litigate, matters, and eagerly take on responsible parties and insurance companies who refuse to honor their policies.

Family Law

We represent clients in courts throughout Texas in matters of divorce, child support, child custody, and modification of previous orders, relocation of children, protective orders against family violence, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and adoptions.

Criminal Law

We represent clients in courts throughout Texas accused of criminal offenses, from misdemeanors tofirst degree felonies. Our experience includes bail reduction hearings, plea negotiations, and criminal trials. We firmly believe that everyone accused of a crime deserves a vigorous defense, with a sharp eye towards protecting their interests, at every step in the process.

Debts, Foreclosures & Bankruptcies

Tier & Associates has successfully negotiated the foreclosure of multiple residential and commercial properties in the past year valued at millions of dollars. We represent both creditors and debtors in resolving debt and mortgage disputes. Our work has included effective collections and enforcement court judgments, and pursuing and defending real estate liens. We also represent individuals and small businesses in United States Bankruptcy Court, guiding them through the complex and cumbersome process of bankruptcy with understanding and support.

Business Law

Small business owners are very busy, attending to their customers and to their bottom line. We believe that they deserve lawyers who are responsive to their questions, respectful of their budgets, chincy on their billings, and tenacious in pursuit of their interests. We assist in a wide range of legal matters confronting the entrepreneur, including sales of assets, contract terms and negotiations, real estate lease negotiation and review, property claims, mechanics' liens, and commercial litigation.

Estate and Probate Matters

We assist clients in drafting their wills to ensure that their wishes will be carried out, whether their estate is expected to by large or small. We also help clients draft enforceable medical powers of attorney and directive to physicians, to ensure that their most personal wishes are carried out when they are unable to effectively communicate. We practice in the Probate Courts of Texas, in such matters as will disputes, challenges to estate administration, and guardianships.

Home Owners Associations

We assist home owners associations in collecting management and maintenance dues, including pursuing and carrying out foreclosures. We also represent home owners associations in dealing with (or disputes with) contractors, lenders, and members.


The firm's attorneys have appeared before appellate courts as varied as the Texas Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the South Carolina, and the Ninth Circuit. Our attorneys are admitted to numerous federal courts of appeal, and have drafted briefs for the United States Supreme Court. Appeals must be timely, and are often expensive matters that require active cooperation from our clients. But, tenacity, the right arguments, and the right approach can get you before a higher court.

Family Law

Child Support and Custody Issues
Protective Orders
Property Division

Criminal Law

DUI Defense
White Collar Crimes

Serious Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
18 Wheelers
Wrongful Death


Estate Documents
Medical Directives

Business Law

Business Formation
Collection Issues
Lease Negotiations and Review

Foreclosures & Bankruptcies

Residential Foreclosure
Personal Bankruptcy
Commercial Foreclosure
Business Bankruptcy

We encourage your questions, and welcome you to visit us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your legal challenges. You will find skilled, experienced attorneys and our staff knowledgeable, helpful, and empathetic to your needs.

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