Robert Teir
Attorney and Counselor At Law

Robert Teir is a licensed attorney in Houston, Texas bringing over 20 years experience in assisting individuals and small businesses with their legal challenges. During his career, Rob has practiced law in Texas, Washington D.C., and Arizona. In addition to defending individuals' rights in courts throughout Texas and multiple federal courts, Rob has served as counsel in state and federal appellate courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States.

Rob's legal career includes experiences with a large Washington, D.C. and Phoenix law firm, partnership in a small Houston firm, founding Teir & Associates, assisting city governments and police departments in developing and defending urban quality of life initiatives, in addition to where his interest and heart is,assisting individuals and small businesses when they need legal help.

An enthusiastic adopted Texan, Rob was born in Philadelphia, and he went to college and law school in Washington, D.C. He finished at the top-of-the-class both at Georgetown University Law Center and George Washington University. He was elected into Phi Beta Kappa in undergraduate school, and had a legal writing teaching fellowship for two years at Georgetown (the last person to do so). Rob had a significant role in developing the panhandling control ordinances adopted in Boston, Milwaukee, Santa Monica, New York, Washington, Atlanta, and many other cities. He also defended these, and many other urban quality of life initiatives, in many court battles. He has consulted on these issues with such cities as Atlanta, Miami Beach, Springfield (MO), Milwaukee, Memphis, Barstow, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rob has written and published four law review articles. He has also published articles in many legal publications, as well as major newspapers, including the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, USA Today, Sacramento Bee, and the Chicago Tribune. He has appeared as a commentator on the Today Show, CNN, National Public Radio, Fox News, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Rob once had the remarkable opportunity, which he took, to serve as a travelling theatrical assistant to Mickey Rooney, in the touring production of "Wizard of Oz." He later worked with Eartha Kitt in the touring production of "Cinderella." He was admitted as a member of the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees.

Rob's hobbies include travel (he has visited over 60 countries), photography, reading history, and theater. He has lived, in addition to Philly and Washington,in Austin, Lockhart, and Dallas. He now calls Houston home, after, fourteen years ago, falling in love with living in Texas. He now has three wonderful (and rather large) dogs, two cats, and three horses. He also has a fondness for visiting Bulgaria and Utah.

Rob’s varied and extensive experience brings to clients sharp writing and persuasion skills, as well as a broad empathy for people in stunningly diverse backgrounds, with all types of legal issues, problems, and challenges. His practice is based on honesty and candor with his clients, working with clients' budgets, and fighting like hell for their interests.

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